Welcome to the Lil Thugz Zombie Crew

We are Lil_Thugz_Zombie_Crew. The creation of a limited NFT that allows its owner into a private group within the real world and the Metaverse. As the crew grows the rewards become bigger of cash payouts to luxury weekends away.  

Welcome to the crew.

LTZC is a maximum  collection of 10,000 Lil Thug Zombies each with a unique design making it highly collectible. They live on the Solana blockchain. Your Lil Thug Zombie is more than just an NFT. It is also your membership card, this will open many doors within the real world and also the Metaverse granting you access to rewards, competitions and extravagant private events and parties.

Future areas and perks will be unlocked by progression through the roadmap.

There  are 4 evolutions of Lil Thugz Zombies. EVO1  is limited to 1,000 Zombies which will be released in 2 batches of 500. Each batch will have  a total of 30 unique traits. All Zombies are set for a price of 1 SOL.

Who are the Lil Thugz?


The Boss Dev. Incharge of business branding and rewards. You come and see him if you got as problem.


Marketing Dev. want help on social media, he is your thug. deals with all the degens. 

Road Map

We have big ambitions to create something great. As for all business ideas and dreams they have to start somewhere. These are the initial goals within our Road Map. these will grow and become more ambitious. We want a community that is loves what we do and wants to become involved in something great! 

Create Social Media Presence.

We look to spread the word and grow a following before initial drop. 

We will run milestones targets to win LTZC NFTs.

Create a Private Discord

This will be the initial group for all Crew Members. Discussing everything Crypto and also the future of LTZC.

Metaverse Club

The Metaverse Club will be created. No dress code but  it is membership only.

First Real World Event

Hold our fist event for up to 10% of our members. This percentage will look to increase on the success of LTZC.

Merch Store

Create two merch stores. One in the real world and also the Metaverse.

Begin the Creation of LTZC Wallet

Where better to keep all your NFTs. In your LTZC Wallet, thats where!

Unique Specs

Each Lil Thugz Zombie is unique and programmatically generated from different traits, including expression, headwear, clothing, and more. All Zombies are dope, but some are rarer than others.

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